What is AVLock SIMPLE?

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AVLock Simple is a simple and powerful licensing component. The component simply does the work for you. It gives you the necessary features to retrieve the registration status and to register your application. You design the application interface and AVLock does the rest. You decide how to protect your application according with the registration status. In this way you will be able to implement all possible configurations for previous AVLock versions and much more.


Unlike other versions of AVLock which have their own registration forms, I have developed this new component without any internal interface or form. This is because many users do not want to be forced to use a standard interface and instead want to build their own interfaces themselves. Bearing this in mind I developed this component without any kind of internal form, leaving the user total freedom to design their own registration interface. However, I included several examples to cover the most usual protection schemes.


Why do you need AVLock SIMPLE?


If you are a Delphi programmer and need to market your software securely, and you want that your potential customers evaluate your products before to buy them, then AVLock SIMPLE is the solution you were looking for.


Moreover, with this small component you can manage the whole licensing cycle of your application through internet as follows:


Allow the user to start the trial period.

Allow you to authorize to the user to extend the trial period.

Allow the user to send information to your website.

Allows you to change online the registration status of your users.

Allow to synchronize the registration status of the application from your website.

Allow the user to move the license to another computer.




Allow to achieve the licensing operations offline through registration keys.

Allow to provide licenses to be shared between a limited number of users and manage the process through internet using the OLM.

Allow to manage the number of concurrent instances of your application.

Allow to configure your application to be installed into a removable disk like a Pen Drive, memory stick, etc.

Through the registration mechanism of AVLock SIMPLE, the application is linked to certain codes obtained from the computer like the BIOS, the CPU, the Hard Disk, etc. Called The InstallCodeSources. Then, based on these sources is calculated the InstallCode. Finally the InstallCode is used to calculate the Registration Key. This way, when you register the Key, the application is linked to a single computer and will not work on other computers.

Detect when an user get back the system date, perhaps with the purpose to stay using your application after expiration, so you will be able to stop the program when that occurs.


Suppose the following scenario:


After a long time of hard work you finally finished your best application. Now you want to market it and you need that your potential customers can evaluate it before they decide to purchase. But also, you need to achieve a secure way. For this we got several alternatives in mind:


1) When the user installs your application this should work in restricted way (only a basic set of features enabled), also the user may be able to ask for a free trial period in order to evaluate your application with all features activated (e.g. by 30 days) or purchase the product in order to activate all features definitely.


2) When the user installs your application your trial period should start automatically for some days (e.g. 30 days) and when the trial period is finished, the user can ask for an extension to the trial period (e.g. 15 days) After this the application stops working properly. Also, at any moment the user should to have the option to purchase and activate your application.

3) Eventually you want to add some extra modules (special utilities) this can be acquired by the users through additional payments. But also they should have the option to evaluate a trial period before the actual purchase.


4) You have your own website and want to use it in order to automate the whole licensing cycle. All transparent for the user without need to deal with serial numbers and registration codes in order to register the application. Although are aware that some clients would not have an Internet connection and should provide a offline registration alternative.

5) Want to give licenses to be shared by a limited number of users anywhere in the world and control the process by internet. Also want to limit the number of instances of your application in each computer.

See Users and Instances.


6) While the trial period you want to detect when an user get back the system date, perhaps with the purpose to stay using your application after expiration, so you will be able to stop the program when that occurs.


7) Want that each license be only for a machine and therefore the user only could run the application into the registered machine and could not be able to manipulate some data in some way in order to activate your application on another machine, e.g. copying all files and registration data.


8) Want for some special cases, e.g. when the user changes his old computer by a new one and want to translate the license to the new computer and deactivate it from the older.


9) Want fully automatic all three basic steps of the licensing cycle namely:


* Start the trial period.

* Extend the trial period.

* Activate the application.


And you want to process online in an automatic way without need to hit a button. (Server-takes-action) If you want that feature.


10) Want that your application can be installed onto a removable disk (pen drive, memory stick , etc) in order to run onto any computer. See the Removable Disk property.


With AVLock SIMPLE you will be able to manage all these functionalities.



AVlock SIMPLE comes in four different packages:

1. Free edition: Free and fully functional but only for not commercial use. Also this edition occasionally brings up a popup message "Remember, this is a free edition only for not commercial use".

2. Standard edition: At $49.95.  Fully functional and you can use it royalty free in your commercial applications. Also this includes the Basic Online License Manager, the same used in my web site. You can use and modify it without restrictions in order to implement your own online key generator.

3. Professional edition: At $89.95.  All features from the standard edition plus the Advanced Online License Manager (Adv.OLM), the same used in my web site. You can use and modify it without restrictions in order to implement your own online key generator.

4. Developer edition: At $179.95. All features from the professional edition plus the source code off the component and utilities.


The prices shown above would can be changed without any notice.