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Protect your investment in software development.
With AVLock you can protect your applications easily and safely. These are our latest AVLock products:

AVLock Lite v3.x

AVLock Lite is one of my old components, but now totally revamped and improved. It is the easiest to use and offers the basic functionality to protect your software investment. You don't need internet. Pay only once and use it forever. There is also a free version to be used without commercial purposes.

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MyLock v1.x

The MyLock licensing system is a new, powerful and simple way to protect your software. The installation of a licensing product has never been so easy. Initially you do not need to have a web server since MyLock provides one free of charge. You only need to register for free and follow the steps in the user manual to start using MyLock.

NOTE: New update uploaded on 05/04/2020. Please download it again.

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AVLock SIMPLE v6.x

New version. Functions have been added but the equivalent functions from previous versions are still available. Try the new example1. This example fully automates the registration process by using it together with the cp6.php panel or the DevPanel. See News for more details on this implementation.  Learn More..

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AVLock SS v3.x

AVLock Subscription System is both; a subscription system and also a lock control for applications. This allow you sell your product via PayPal or other payment systems, and manage renewals and Upgrades, and optionally your product could be locked toghether with the subscription period.

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